We Are Europe

Illustrations for the educational online game ‘We Are Europe’, 2018. (Illustrated cities: October Revolution St. Petersburg, E.U. Frankfurt, Schengen, Geneva, Brussels, 20th century Berlin, Darvel, Sevres, Industrial Revolution London, Stockholm, Paris, Lancashire, Renaissance Florence, Lisbon, Madrid, Mainz, Medieval Venice, Aachen, Malta, Constantinople, Ancient Athens, Marseille, Sparta, Rome).

Η Μπάμπουσκα / Babushka

Η Μπάμπουσκα, ένα παιδικό βιβλίο της Ξένιας Καλογεροπούλου, κυκλοφορεί από τις εκδόσεις Μάρτης, Αθήνα, 2017. Babushka, a picture book written by X. Kalogeropoulou, editions Martis, Athens, 2017.

WaterWorld Adventure

Waterworld Adventure (2018), an educational e-book that takes preschool children to an exploration journey of all Oceans.


    ‘Water’ or ‘Hydrogentwooxygen’ is a picture book in progress, that introduces ‘The Magical Molecular World of Water’ to children, written by Verena Stockhausen.

The Pillow is not Sleepy

Eva and her pillow travel together in all kinds of places in their dreams, in a story written by X. Skoura.

The Walnut

Illustrations of a story of X.Skoura commissioned by Editions Metaixmio, Athens, 2014.

Wolf and Croc

Work in progress about two friends and their routine. What is a day of Wolf and Croc’s life like?

Quiet… You’ll wake up the Forest!

Picture book published under the translated title ‘Quiet… You’ll wake up the fairies!’, Editions Labropoulos, January 2014, Athens, Greece.  You can find it here

The Hat in the Lake

Series of illustrations for a book collection of short stories, written by Xenia Skoura.